Hand-in date and time management

Start your planning with the hand-in date.  From now until the hand-in date is the maximum time you have for your essay without incurring penalties.  By the time the hand-in date arrives, you should have printed off the required number of copies and know where to hand them in, have an online copy and know how to upload it electronically.

Use a calendar.  Print off a day by day calendar or make use of one online.  How many weeks is it to the hand-in date?  How many assignments have you got to do during this time?  Don’t forget – this period is not just for writing; you still have all your lectures and tutorials to go to, so in fact the time is a lot less than it seems at first glance.

You should divide the time up basically between reading and writing, but there are important things to think about within each of these areas.  By the time you start writing, you should really have done all the main reading you need for your essay, so it goes without saying that the reading part is critical to your essay.  Before this, you have to find the books and articles.  You can’t read everything on the subject so you have to make decisions about the usefulness of what you find for your particular essay.  You might also be allowed a tutorial and this needs to be factored into your timetable.  Make an appointment in plenty of time if you want to see your tutor about your outline, title, first draft etc.