Essay Types

People generally go to university to learn about a subject they are interested in and to get a good qualification in this subject so that they can go on and get a good job, making full use of their high qualification.

One of the ways for universities to test whether their students have acquired the right depth of knowledge to be awarded their degree is to set a number of essays for them to write over the period of their study.

Writing in general does not come easily to everybody, and academic writing, especially if undertaken in a second language, can be notoriously difficult.  There are rules to follow for whatever your subject but if you start by following our advice, you will feel confident about your writing.

Student writing is often referred to as simply essay writing.  In actual fact, it is important to know what type of assignment you are expected to produce and this will not only have an effect on the format and presentation, but it will also have an effect on the content and style.